Breakfast snack at Commercial Bakery

30/05/2007 § 8 Comments

Commercial Bakery
Rear 360 Lt Collins St, Melbourne (map)
9670 7214

Almond and chocolate danish

Had a 10am appointment in Lt Collins St this morning, so decided to have a (for me) decadent sleep-in then breakfast at the six weeks old bakery in the CBD I’ve been hearing whispers about, Commercial Bakery. This gorgeous little bakery is nestled at the rear of 360 Lt Collins St and adjacent to a new building being gradually unveiled (The Foundry).

Commercial Bakery

At 9:15am, the bakery cafe had a lovely atmosphere: the scent of freshly baked bread, the sprinkling of relaxed people at the polished concrete tables and Carla Bruni’s new album crooning huskily in the background all softened and warmed the industrial decor of the interior.

Commercial Bakery

As I’d walked in admiring the front window display, the almond and chocolate danish had caught my eye and the decision was made. The danish had a lovely consistency: soft and almost chewy, but with a nice degree of flakiness on the outside. It was filled with a smooth rich ‘pain au chocolat’ chocolate, and served with a voluptous dollop of cream for the truly wicked!

Almond and chocolate danish

I hope to head back there for lunch sometime soon: the sourdough sandwich with goats curd, beetroot and onion jam sounds great. I’m intrigued also about the baguette with chicken, tuna dressing and capers: a poultry-inspired twist on vitello tonnato, perhaps?? Please let me know if you try either of these!

Bread at Commercial Bakery


§ 8 Responses to Breakfast snack at Commercial Bakery

  • Anonymous says:

    The food there is truelly amazing – I have had the sourdough sandwich with beetroot, goats curd and onion jam – It’s divine!The only drawback is the surly staff!

  • Davy says:

    Great content Claire…very inspiring! I’ll be checking out the Commercial Bakery first chance I get and Replete sounds great as well…although I’m never in Hawthorn. I’ve just realised that reading food blogs when you’re hungry is dangerous, I’m off to make some coffee, toast and eggs!

  • Anonymous says:

    Have been many times now. Must try the chicken pie done in a white wine sauce. Coffe is excellent as well.

  • claire says:

    Thanks, davy! Let me know what you think of Commercial Bakery :)

  • claire says:

    You gotta get down there, mellie! I’d love to hear/read what you think of it… :)

  • mellie says:

    Oooh…I’ve so wanted to try this bakery since it opened, but haven’t made my way there yet :-(Looks good!

  • Melanie says:

    I work nearby and it had become a fixture in my morning coffee routine thanks to good coffee and the bacon and egg ciabatta. The atmosphere is great but is getting tarnished by the attitude and incompetence of the staff (non kitchen) and that its very rare to find a ciabatta available after 9am.

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem with commercial bakery is that the owners are not there to get their staff in line. If they were aware of it or cared they’d sack the lot. Food is good.

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